Starbuds gummies are packed with a variety of delicious fruit flavors and a super chewy texture. Starbuds gummies edibles  are a perfect choice for many over vaping, smoking or tinctures. Starbuds gummies set sours are made with high-quality cannabis and THC. Starbuds Sours pack  (Starbuds gummies 600mg )has all the traditional flavors that you have come to love over the years. Starbuds Gummies Original contains the delicious fruit flavors you love: strawberry, cherry, orange, and lemon. Starbuds Gummies Original 600mg a great choice for unwinding after work, chilling on weekends and having quiet evenings with your special one. Starbuds Gummies Set Sours 600mg – 20 mg THC per piece, 600 mg THC per pack


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Guelph Weed Delivery Service

At Tasty Pot we are so confident with our Weed Delivery Guelph and surrounding area service, that we give you a 100% Return/Exchange policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase. We provide the same policy for our Weed Delivery Cambrdige and the surrounding Tri-City Area.

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