75% Indica / 25% Sativa

THC: 27% – 30%

Early Girl is an indica dominant hybrid (75% indica/25% sativa) strain made by breeders at the infamous Sensei Seeds farm that is often called the “wallflower” of the cannabis world by seasoned users. It has an Afghani X North Indian ancestry and is characterized by an olive green nug with medium density and small brown hairs with a thin coating of sticky resin. With a mild average 27-30% THC level and mellow euphoric effects, this strain is ideal for the novice user. Patients report the Early Girl high as one that slowly ebbs forward and is often felt first in the head as a cerebral high before moving to a mellow warming body buzz. If taken in large enough doses, Early Girl has been known to cause fits of giggles and bouts of hunger, so make sure that your refrigerator is stocked and ready for your impending onset of the munchies! Early Girl has a lightly sweet earthy taste with a mild citrus earthy smell. This strain is ideal for treating moderate depression as well as a variety of anxiety disorders, including social anxiety and phobias.


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