An All-Time Favourite It’s nearly impossible to resist the taste of BakedNards – Maynards Fuzzy Peach. This classic Canadian confection has been beloved for generations, and is coated with a sugary blend of peach flavours. Bite-Sized Bliss These candies have are soft and chewy with a fun shape. You can share these sweet treats with friends and family or enjoy all of them yourself. A National Treasure Canada’s #1 candy brand, Maynards delights treat-lovers of all ages with a wide variety of gummies and pastilles. From iconic wine gums and legendary Swedish Berries to tangy Sour Patch Kids, the brand offers a confection for every sweet tooth. Add this package of Maynards Fuzzy Peach to your cart for plenty of snacks and sweet treats.

Each pack contains candy infused with 500mg of THC.


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