Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 23%- 25%

Blue Fire is Indica dominant hybrid cannabis that has an Indica/ Sativa content of 70/30 percent and it can sometimes increase to 90/10 percent as well. It is quite similar to DJ Short Blueberry that is produced by crossing Skunk and OG Kush. It has fuzzy buds that have a lovely light green color. It has a good potency so its THC level is assumed to be moderate to high. It is extremely strong marijuana cannabis that produces a head buzz that is quite long lasting. It immediately affects your system and makes you feel highly euphoric, energetic, calm, happy and a little sleepy. It has a nice woody aroma that makes you feel as if you are taking a stroll in the woods. Its taste resembles its aroma and has a woody texture to it. Blue Fire is an excellent strain that can provide you relief from insomnia. It helps you relax which is it is a perfect solution for sleeplessness. Medical patients of anxiety and stress can also help you gain relief from the stress symptoms. Its sedative effect lasts for two hours and it is safe cannabis to smoke, except that it can make your mouth dry.


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