Strain Information
Indica Strain Indica
THC: 32%
There are no public reports on the exact genetic balance of Purple Dynamite, but if its parents are any indication, it’s a near-pure indica (sativa/indica ratio of 0:100). This strain was the result of a cross between Purple Kush and Dynamite, both pure indicas. The THC levels in Purple Dynamite top out at more than 32% in available tests, making this an excellent and powerful choice for treating anxiety, depression, eating disorders, wasting disorders, and physical pain. The effects are physical and deeply calming, with couch-lock effects and powerful hunger. CBD levels are minimal, however, which means Purple Dynamite is not a good medication for the treatment of epilepsy or other conditions that respond to CBD. With a sweet, tropical flavor, this strain smells of berries. It has dense, dark purple buds with a heavy frosting of resinous crystals. Patients and recreational users of this strain have reported few side effects, but they likely include watery eyes, dry mouth, and possibly paranoia. Despite its potency, Purple Dynamite isn’t especially popular anywhere, though it can be found on the medical marijuana market in Massachusetts and possibly elsewhere.


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